Fullstory Plan Retention

On the Settings page of your account under Account Management > Subscription, Fullstory displays your Product analytics retention period and Session replay retention as separate line items. Read about the differences and uses cases between the two below.

Product analytics retention vs Session replay retention: What's the difference?

Session replay retention includes all of the session data necessary for replaying user sessions. Product analytics retention includes 100% of the indexed data used for exploring, calculating, and analyzing historical trends. 

Understanding the difference in Fullstory

Here are a couple of examples of how your Product analytics retention and your Session replay retention will impact Fullstory. 

  • Session Playlist - Only sessions within your plan’s Session replay retention period will appear here. 
    • User Pages - User Pages are retrievable within your Session replay retention window. The data included in User Pages includes a series of all the pages that the user has visited. 
  • Product Analytics Tools - Metrics, Dashboards, Funnels, Conversions, and Journeys can be analyzed and explored for the full Product analytics retention period. However, associated sessions will only appear if they are within your plan’s Session replay retention.  
  • Page Insights - Page Insights will be accessible on sessions within your plan’s Session replay retention. However, underlying analytics data will remain for the length of your Product analytics retention. 
  • DevTools - The Console and Network tab is only available for sessions within your plan’s Session replay retention. However, underlying data in DevTools such as console errors, uncaught exceptions, and Network error URLs will remain for the length of your Product analytics retention.
  • Exports - There are various export options available within your Product analytics retention window.
    • Data Export - Downloadable Fullstory aggregated data that can be exported at the event, page, session and user level so you can dive deeper into understanding an insight.
    • Segment Export - A feature of Data Export that allows users to analyze the events Fullstory captures in ways custom to their needs outside of the current UI.
    • Data Destinations - Export granular, near-raw event level data that enables Fullstory customers to sync all of their digital experience data directly into their cloud data warehouse.

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