Updating your Fullstory Plan

You have two options for updating your Fullstory plan. If you are looking to find a plan with more features that suit your needs, you can discuss different plan types that offer these. Alternatively, if you are simply looking to make changes to your current plan like adding more seats or sessions, or explore other plan offerings, you can adjust the existing plan you are subscribed to.

Discuss Your Plan

To explore to a different plan type:

  1. Select Upgrade Plan in the top right corner of Fullstory. 
  2. Explore key capabilities and compare feature sets between plans. 
  3. Select Get Upgrade for the plan of interest.
  4. Provide any additional details about your request and send your message to Fullstory. 

Adjust Your Existing Plan

To adjust the existing plan you are subscribed to:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account Management > Subscription.
  2. Select Adjust Plan.
  3. Use the drop down menu to:
    • Update users, sessions, or monthly retention
    • Add Data Direct to your plan
    • Discuss the right plan for you

Note: If you're changing from any plan to a free plan, you can lose settings and data. Please read the specific details.

Can I update the billing contact or information in my account?

Yes! Navigate to Settings > Account Management > Subscription > Invoice Details to edit your company and billing details. Umbrella Managers can update from Settings > Umbrella > Manage.

Does Fullstory provide invoices?

Yes! Read more about invoices here.

What if the pricing has changed since I signed up? 

Pricing does change occasionally, and you might find yourself on the sweet end of a legacy deal. You can keep that plan as long as you'd like, but once you make a change we won't be able to switch you back to your legacy plan.

Where can I see my current session quota?

Navigate to Settings > Account Management > Subscription to see your session quota monthly progress bar which shows how much of your quota has been used for the current month. For more information on how session limits work, check out this helpful article

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