What happens if I hit my quota?

Each FullStory plan includes a set number of sessions that you're able to record within a given cycle. You'll be able to view how many sessions you're able to record, the number of sessions you've recorded during this cycle thus far, as well as the exact time in which your quota will be reset by navigating to the Settings > Account Management > Subscription page in your account. 


Once you've hit your session quota limit, recording within FullStory will be paused until your next cycle. Before this happens though, we'll send an email notification to all account Admins as well as display a message within the UI for all users so that your team is aware. Once recording is paused, you'll still be able to login and access previously recorded sessions but no new sessions will be recorded during this time period. 

Don't want to wait until your next cycle to continue recording user sessions?

No problem! Simply reach out to your Account Executive or contact our Support team here so that we can help you find a different plan that better suits your session quota needs. 

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