Installing the Fullstory Script

The first step toward capturing all web based interactions and making them available for pixel-perfect playback is deploying Fullstory's data capture JavaScript snippet.

Simply paste the snippet into the <head> element via your Content Management System (CMS), via your online store platform, or via your application's code.

A couple of comments about the data capture script:

  • It's super small, asynchronous, and designed to be unnoticeable to any user of your technology. You can read more about the negligible performance impact of Fullstory in this article.
  • No need to instrument any elements in your application or site – once the Fullstory script loads, it captures all web based interactions and mutations, so don't fret about how to capture that pesky "submit" button – if it's in the page, we see it, capture it, and make it available to search.

Snippet Installation Options

Install your snippet directly on your site

First, find your account's snippet by clicking on Settings > Data Capture and Privacy > Fullstory Setup.


Then, copy the code—<script> tags and all!— and paste that code on your website somewhere after the starting <head> tag and before the closing </head> tag.


Don't have access to your site's source code? Invite a teammate, such as a web developer or site administrator, to join your Fullstory account and help you get setup. 

Install Fullstory via a tag or data integration manager

Have access to a tag manager or data integration tool? Learn about how to install your Fullstory snippet with some common integrations:

Install Fullstory with NPM

Built a single page app using React, Angular, Vue, or a different thick-client framework? You can install Fullstory using NPM:

Install Fullstory with an eCommerce platform

Using a platform to host your online store? Follow the links below to find step-by-step instructions for some common platforms:

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