Finding sessions where Device type was "Mobile"

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In Fullstory, there are several ways that you can quickly segment sessions where the Device type was mobile:

Visit the pre-made "Mobile" segment

Every Fullstory account includes a set of pre-made segments.

  1. Go to Starred
  2. Click Segments
  3. Click Mobile

CleanShot 2024-01-08 at 10.42.55.png

This segments shows sessions where Fullstory detected that the visitor was using a browser with a User Agent string related to a browser on a mobile device. 

Note: Fullstory defines all small device activity for Android devices as "Mobile." For iOS devices, Fullstory separates activities into "Mobile" and "Tablet."

Watch sessions to understand your customers' experiences on their mobile devices, or scroll down to view insight reports specific to your customers' Mobile sessions.

Search using the Device-type query

Sometimes, the pre-made Mobile segment isn't specific enough. Maybe you only want to see sessions where a customer is checking out from their phone, or perhaps your interest is how many people complete a sign-up on mobile.

You can start on the Mobile segment and narrow results to show people who take any action when the Device type is Mobile. Note: Click the +- to refine any event filter to when the Device type > is > Mobile.

Tip: If you have a favorite segment with an Event Funnel that you use to watch a conversion flow, copy the segment and use the Device query to make a "Mobile" version of the same funnel. Then, compare your funnel results!

Click through a Device Breakdown card

From any search or segment, you can scroll down to view your Device Breakdown for that segment. This smart analytics chart will show you the breakdown of how many sessions for your given search or segment happen on Mobile vs. Desktop or other Device types.

From this view, you can hover over the label for "Mobile" within the chart to reveal an "Add to search" prompt. Click the prompt to quickly add the Device type = Mobile scope to all of the Event Filters in your current search or segment. 


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