FullStory allows users to share noteworthy sessions directly to a channel in Slack, for easy sharing with your team.

To enable and set up the integration:

  1. Login to FullStory
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations & API Keys
  3. Click the Add button next to Slack.
    Add Slack
  4. Enter your team's Slack domain and click Sign In to let FullStory use your Slack account.
  5. If the following dialogue doesn't appear, you may need to temporarily disable your browser's pop-up blocker to finish installing the Slack integration. (You can turn it back on when you're done.)
    Image title
  6. Once you've given permission for FullStory to post to Slack, you'll be able to choose a channel where FullStory sessions will be shared, as well as enable and disable the integration.
  7. You may turn on Send All Notes if you wish all shared sessions to be sent to Slack by default, or turn it off to pick and choose sessions to share from the FullStory Notes timeline.
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If you have configured the Slack integration to not send all notes, there are two ways for you to manually push sessions of your choosing:

Sharing from Notes:

  1. When viewing a session, click the green Note button to bring up the sharing dialogue. Type your comment and press Share to publish your note and a link to the session to your team's Notes tab.
    Share dialogue
  2. Click on the Notes tab under the OmniSearch box to view your team's shares. Within each note, you'll see Send to: Slack 
  3. Click Slack and the note will instantly be shared!

Sharing from inside a session

  1. Click "Note from the playback bar to type a note 
  2. Once you've saved your message, find the green note in the right-hand actions timeline 
  3. Click the Send to: Slack • Trello link to share your note out to the correct tool
    Note in timeline

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