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FullStory integrates with the popular team productivity tool, Trello, by allowing users to share noteworthy sessions directly to a Trello board as a card.

To enable and set up the integration:

  1. Login to FullStory
  2. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Manage
  3. Click the Add button next to Trello.

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  4. Click the Authorize button, which will launch a new window (you may need to temporarily disable ad blockers if you have them installed) and open a Trello permissions dialogue. Choose Log in to let FullStory use your Trello account.

  5. Once you've given permission, return to the FullStory window to choose a board and list where new Trello cards will be created. You can also enable and disable the integration from this dialogue.

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Now that you're up and running with Trello, there are two methods for sharing sessions to your board:

Sharing from Notes

  1. When viewing a session, click the green Note button to bring up the sharing dialogue. Type your comment and press Share to publish your note and a link to the session to your team's Notes tab.
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  2. Click on the Notes tab below the OmniSearch box to view your team's shares. Within each note, you'll see Send to: Trello
  3. Click the Trello link and the note will instantly be shared!

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Sharing from inside a session

  1. Click "Note from the playback bar to type a note 
  2. Once you've saved your message, find the green note in the right-hand actions timeline 
  3. Click the Send to: Slack • Trello link to share your note out to the correct tool




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