Can FullStory record when a user copies or pastes something on a page?

Yes! With FullStory, you can identify sessions where users copy or paste content on a page. Copy and paste events may help identify:

  • Users with high interest in a piece of content
  • Users preparing to take action on a piece of content (for example, copying a product name to comparison shop elsewhere)
  • Potentially spammy behavior (for example, pasting user information into a form field)

This feature is not supported on FullStory for Mobile Apps. 

How do copy/paste events work? 

FullStory automatically records copy/paste events triggered by keyboard shortcuts (Cmd/Ctrl + C, Cmd/Ctrl + V) or selecting copy/paste from the right-click menu. 

FullStory will not record copy/paste events triggered by custom JavaScript buttons like the one pictured below. 


When recording paste events, FullStory compares the text/element value before and after the paste action occurs. For example, if an input field contains the text “Hello” and a user pastes over that text with “Hello Bob,” FullStory records the pasted text as “Bob.”

How do I analyze copy/paste events in FullStory?

To identify sessions with a copy/paste event, build a search using the “Copied” or “Pasted” event filters.



To visualize trends, track copy/paste events using metrics and dashboards. For example, this Dimensionality Card shows us which Product Names are copied most frequently on an ecommerce website. 


Need a refresher on how to build metrics and dashboards? Check out our new enablement course at!

You can also create Defined Events for copy/paste events and use them to analyze their impact on conversions. For example, this conversion analysis shows that we lose over 700 conversions annually when users copy a product name while on the cart page.

Conversion Analysis.png


Do I need to enable copy/paste recording in my account?
No. FullStory will automatically begin recording copy/paste events beginning late June 2021. 

Does FullStory record copy/paste events for both web and mobile apps?
Copy/paste events are supported for web only. 

Does FullStory access user clipboard data to record copy/paste events?
No, FullStory does not access user clipboard data. Copy/paste events are extracted from event data available in the user’s browser. 

Will I see Highlight events if I use Private by Default (PbD)?

If you are using our default PbD setting, you likely have text masked; however, FullStory will still record the selector of the element. In that case, you'll still be able to know that a user copied/pasted something in a specific selector, you just won't know exactly what text was copied/pasted. If you are completely excluding elements, copy/paste events will not be recorded.

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