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Network Capture provides the ability to identify and analyze Network errors via DevTools in Session Playback for mobile sessions. This creates the ability to create segments & funnels based on these common network errors for Mobile Apps.



To enable Network Capture for Mobile, open your Settings and then navigate to Data Capture and Privacy > Mobile Data Capture. From here, toggle on Network Data Capture. After this is enabled, new sessions created on SDK 1.27 or later will also include network data that can be viewed in the DevTools/Network tab while viewing a session.


What versions are supported?


Network traffic will only be captured on iOS 15 or later.


Network traffic capture is supported on requests that use OkHttp 3+, the most popular library on Android for making network requests. We also support making requests via HttpURLConnection.

React Native

Any iOS React Native app running on iOS 15.x and above as well as any Android React Native app that uses okhttp is supported without any configuration needed.


How does privacy work for fields such as requests or responses?

Mobile does not currently capture any headers and bodies of requests or responses.

What version of our SDK is required to utilize Network Capture?

Version 1.27 or higher (Version 1.30 or higher for apps using HttpURLConnection on Android)

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