Admin Configuration of Seat Requests

Who can use this feature?
- Available with all plans. 
- Requires an admin role to configure. 

Many companies have established processes for managing employees’ software license requests. Admins can customize Fullstory to ensure that teammates who request a Fullstory seat license follow their company’s software request process.

When new users request access to Fullstory, their request must be approved by a Fullstory admin. The default approval workflow is via email, as detailed in the User Management article.

If you would like to change the default seat approval process and route users to an internal software tool or wiki (so that your Fullstory Admins no longer approve Fullstory seat requests via email), go to Settings > Account Management > Users, navigate to the “Seat Request Settings” section, and follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the “Customized seat requests” setting.
  2. Enter an internal URL into the “Enable customized seat requests” dialog box. For example, you might want to route users requesting a Fullstory seat to your company’s internal software provisioning platform or an internal wiki page where your team has posted instructions for how to request a Fullstory seat.
  3. Next, you can customize the instructions that users who request an upgrade from a Guest seat to a paid seat will see. Click the button to save your changes. This is an optional step, and if you do nothing, users will see the default explanatory text.  
  4. As a final step, we recommend limiting which users can request a seat on your account or an upgrade from a Guest to a full seat to those with trusted email domains. This will ensure that only users with an email address from a domain that you trust will see the URL for your company’s software provisioning platform or internal wiki. You can do this by clicking “Add Domain” and then entering your company’s email domain (without the “@”) into the text entry box. 


When users request a seat on your Fullstory account, they will see the custom instructions for requesting a seat license. When they click “Request Upgrade”, they will be directed to the internal site you have specified. Once the user’s seat request is approved, a Fullstory admin will still need to add that person to their Fullstory instance.

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 11.18.37 AM.png


Are Admins still expected to approve seat requests via email?

Not anymore. Instead, the user requesting the seat will be taken to your company's internal software provisioning platform, where they'll submit their seat request. As a reminder, once the seat request is approved, an admin for your account will still need to add the user to Fullstory via the Settings > Account Management > Users page.

How can users who do not already have assigned seats on my Fullstory account request a seat from within the app?

There are two routes that users who do not already have a full seat license can take to request a seat on your account. Admins have the option to turn both routes on or off at their discretion. 

Guest Mode: Guest users can access Fullstory to view sessions that have been formatted as Share Links.  This is referred to as “Guest Mode”.  Fullstory is very serious about privacy and security, so the capability to share session replay links with Guests must specifically be turned on by an account admin.  From Guest Mode, users can request an upgrade from a Guest to a Standard seat. These seat requests must be approved by an admin for the account. 

sharing settings guest sharing.png

From the Log-in Screen: When a new user lands on the Fullstory login page for an existing customer organization (for example, they have just clicked on a Fullstory URL that was shared with them by an existing user), the new user will see the option to “Request to join my company” in addition to the other login options (e.g. SSO) that are available for that organization. These seat requests must be approved by an admin for the account.

request to join my company.png

Can I “turn off” or control these requests in any way?

If you do not want new users to request access to Fullstory via the login screen, you can toggle off the “Allow Seat Requests from new users” option from the Seat Request Settings section of Settings > Account Management > Users.

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