Fullstory in German

In an effort to serve our growing number of German-speaking customers, we now offer a fully translated version of the Fullstory product in German. This enhancement includes the following:

  • A professionally-translated version of the Fullstory application
  • Numeric and date formatting that adheres to regional standards
  • German translation of emails, notifications, and alerts

How it works

If you choose to opt in, individual users with a browser or OS language setting of DE-de will experience a translated version of Fullstory. A user with any language setting other than DE-de will continue to experience the app in English.

Note: Numeric and date formatting is localized based on individual user settings.

Emails, alerts and notifications

For these types of communications, admin level users can reach out to our Support team to request we set a default locale at the account level. If the default locale is set to DE-de, emails, alerts and notifications will be localized for German for all users.

How to enable

Localization in Fullstory is set on an opt-in basis. To request access for your account, admin users may reach out to our Support team.


Will some words remain in English?

Yes. The below items will remain in English:

  • Certain Fullstory-specific terms (e.g. “Rage Click”)
  • User-named content like segments, named elements, etc. will remain in the original language they were created in.
  • Data export will not be translated

Need to get in touch with us?

The Fullstory Team awaits your every question.

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