E-commerce Specification

Below is a list of elements and pages Fullstory finds relevant to analyzing and improving your e-commerce digital experience.



Add to Cart Button Element
Add to Favorites Button


Add to Wishlist Button Element
Applied Coupon Element
Checkout Button Element
Complete Order Button Element
Coupon Input Element
Delivery Unavailable Notification Element
Denied Coupon Error Element
Out of Stock Notification Element
Product List Filter Element
Product Quantity Decrease Element
Product Quantity Increase Element
Product Tile


Promotion Call to Action Element
Quickshop Element
Related Product Tile Element
Remove Coupon Element
Remove from Cart Button Element
Remove from Favorites Button Element
Remove from Wishlist Button Element
Saw Promotion Element
Search Bar Element
Share Cart Button Element
Share Product Button Element
Submit Payment Info Button Element
Submit Review Button Element
Submit Shipping Info Button Element
View Cart Button Element
Cart Page


Checkout Page Page
Order Confirmation Page
Product Detail Page Page
Product Listing Page Page
Search Results Page



Currently, two templates are available that are especially useful for e-commerce customers. These will automatically appear in the templates page after each of these items has been mapped:

Purchase flow issues template

Elements Events Pages
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Complete Order Button
  • Out of Stock Notification¬†
  • Form Validation Error*
  • Revenue Event (must be created outside of specification)
  • Product Detail Page
  • Product Listing Page
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page

* This element is in the Digital Experience specification. The rest are in the e-commerce specification.

E-commerce funnel template

Elements Pages
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Checkout Button
  • Order Confirmation

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