Extracted Element Properties

Who can use this feature?
- Available with all plans.
- Requires an admin or architect role. 

Extract values from page text and data attributes for more granular analysis. You can do this in Data Studio’s low-code configuration.

What are property rules used for?

Property rules can be used for more granular analysis. 

Here’s an e-commerce example: you want to track the clickthrough rate for a specific product. Though defining the product card element allows you to analyze clickthrough rate for all product cards, it doesn’t provide granular insight into which products are being clicked on. Using element extracted property rules, you can attribute clicks on the product card to a specific product type.

Set up 

Property rules can be accessed in two ways:

  • Open up an existing element in Data Studio > Select the “Properties” tab > You’ll see the property rules table.
  • Go to Data Management > Properties > You’ll see the property rules table.

To define the property rule, you’ll need to select the source of the property. This can be set using the preview, typing in a selector, or choosing an existing element. You’ll also need to specify what to use for the source of the value. Text, attribute, static values are currently supported. Sample values are shown to help you identify which values to use.

Optionally, you can also attach the property to a parent container. This means that you can use the property rule for another element.


Are property rules supported for other data objects?

Currently, in-app property rules are only supported for elements.

How do I know what to use as the value?

You can hover over the value options to see what sample values are.

Can a property have more than one property rule?

Yes, a property can have multiple sources. This means that you can create multiple property rules that capture values for the same property.

How do I know if my property rule is working?

If your property rule is working, you will see it appear in the Properties table in Settings with no issues. If there is an issue with the property rule, there will be an issues icon. You can also go to Settings > Integrations > API Errors, then view the Client API Errors table to see if there are issues caused by the property rule.

Are property rules retroactive?

No, property rules are not retroactive. You will start to see captured values after creating a property rule.

What are other ways to create element properties?

You can also define element properties using the Fullstory API.

What would I extract with regex?

  • Regex Extraction
    • When to Use: Extract specific values from a string.
      • Example: Extract a numeric value like converting "$15.21" to "15.21" for storing it as a numeric data instead of a string data.
      • Example: Extract an email or phone number from a long sentence.
  • Formatting with Regex:
    • When to Use: Setting a specific format.
      • Example: In select European countries, the comma and point in numerical values are interchanged. For instance, "€15,21" denotes a decimal. Fullstory supports decimal types for analysis, allowing you to use regex for proper formatting.
    • When to Use: Aligning dates in different formats.
      • Example: Convert dates from "MM/DD/YYYY" to "YYYY-MM-DD" for consistency in data analysis and storage. Regex can be used to streamline this formatting process efficiently

Do you have examples of what I can extract with regex?

Yes, here are the common requests we get from customers on what regex to use for certain use cases.

Description Regular Expression Initial Sample Value Transformed Sample Value
Extract the numeric amount. \$(\d{0,3}),?(\d{0,3}),?(\d{0,3})(\.\d{0,2})? $123,456.10 123456.10
Format the comma used in the euro amount as a decimal. Note that this would also require the above regular expression to extract the numeric value first. (1)(2).(3?00) 100,25 €


Format dates from "MM/DD/YYYY" to "YYYY-MM-DD" (\d{2})/(\d{2})/(\d{4}) 01/30/2000


Extract email [\w\.-]+@[\w\.-]+ Contact us at email@example.com for any inquiries.


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