Can you watch sessions across multiple domains?

Yes, you can watch sessions across multiple domains in Fullstory; however, there may be some configuration required. In this article, we’ll outline how cross-domain data capture works in two common scenarios.

Watching sessions from related domains, i.e. and

For domains that are related (i.e. and, Fullstory can capture activities across both domains into one single session as long as the same Fullstory data capture snippet is present on each domain. 

Note: In most cases, Fullstory will use the TLD+1 (top level domain + 1) to join sessions together. E.g. has a TLD+1 of However, there are some sites which allow public hosting of content by multiple companies/individuals, for example Github pages with a domain of In these cases, the subdomain of the public suffix will be used to group sessions together. A list of public suffixes can be found here.

Watching sessions from unrelated domains, i.e. and

For domains that are not related (i.e. and, Fullstory will capture activities as separate sessions by default; however, you can string various sessions from different domains into one Clip with some configuration. 

To do so, make sure your Fullstory data capture snippet is present on and Then, use FS.identify on both sites to pass along a unique user id (UID) for the session. This UID will be used to string the sessions together later. As a reminder, you can not track anonymous users across domains, but you can track identified users across domains.

When you search for events that tie the two sessions together, Fullstory will concatenate your separate sessions into a single clip during playback. Your search must contain criteria that match events that occur on both domains. While watching your clip, you’ll see a “break” in the timeline that indicates where each matching event occurred as the clip transitions from one session to the other. 


If you'd like to discuss watching sessions across multiple domains in more detail, please contact us. Additional configuration options may be possible depending on your use case. 


Where do I find my Fullstory data capture snippet? 
You can find your data capture snippet under Settings > Fullstory Setup. Learn how to install your data capture snippet here.

Can I tie sessions together across multiple Fullstory accounts? 
No, you cannot tie sessions together across multiple Fullstory accounts.

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