What do the symbols represent in Session Replay?

If you're just getting started with Fullstory, you may not be familiar with some of the visuals you'll see when watching sessions. Here's a high level view of what these icons represent. Additionally, if you see an icon or event appearing in pink when viewing a specific session, this simply means that this particular event matched your current search segment. 

Playback Timeline Key

These visuals appear in your playback timeline at the bottom of your screen.


Event Timeline Key

These visuals appear in your event timeline on the right of your screen.


Symbol Definition Key

Symbol Name



Period of time with no activity. 


Period of time when the user is actively doing something on your site. 

Backgrounded activity

Period of time when the user has left the page and is browsing in an area that doesn’t include the Fullstory script; thus their data won't be captured. 

Page transition

Shows when a user moves to a different page. 

Custom event

Built with the Fullstory API, custom event data identifies and adds more context to events occurring within a session.


Tap to start viewing the session.

Timeline scrubber

Shows your exact location in playback. 

Joined sessions

When you search for multiple events and those events occur in separate sessions, the results will display a clip or joined session rather than a single session.


Tap to back up 7 seconds. 

Note and share

Stop the session, save the relevant spot, and leave notes for colleagues about it.

Network error

Indicates a potential network issue on your website.

API Event

Indicates where an API defined event is found. 

Changed form element

Indicates when a user types information into a field on a form.

Clicked text

Shows where users tapped specific text. 

Dead click

Shows where users tapping a specific location did nothing to change the page. 

Defined event

Shows where a specific user behavior that you chose to track happened. 

Console error

The message that appears when an error is triggered. 

Cumulative layout shift

Shows how much content shifts on a page without user interaction.

Error click

An action a user takes that generates an error. 

Page load

When the whole page and all of its dependent resources have finished loading.

Rage Click

When the user taps something on a page repeatedly in frustration. 

Referred by

This shows the previous page the user visited (as long as the Fullstory script is installed there). 

Thrashed cursor

When the user moves their mouse around erratically in frustration. 

Visited URL

The URL where the user has navigated to. 

Watched element

A defined element you’re monitoring.

First input delay

Time from when a user first interacts with a page (ex. clicking a link or button) to the time when the browser is able to respond to the interaction.

Largest contentful paint

The time it takes for the largest element to load on your page.

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