Getting Started with Session Replay

As sessions are captured, you’ll see them populate in Fullstory as a list view on your Home Experience as well as in your Everyone segment (Library > Segments > New Segment) called your Session Playlist. 

The green “Online” icon indicates that the user may still be online and the session is still capturing. The blue icon with the date and time indicates the session is complete (we close sessions after 30 minutes of inactivity - more information about how we define a user session here).


Session Capture Still in Progress

Session Capture is Complete



Click either a green or blue play icon to open a session and view the replay.


Once you've clicked on a session, the icon will no longer be filled in with color, indicating that it has already been watched. The watched indicator is at a user level, so your teammates will not see a session marked as watched if they haven't watched it using their own login. 


You also have the option of adding a Note to the session you're watching using the NOTE AND SHARE link at the bottom left of the screen. Type your observations from the session and click the NOTE button to add your comment as an event in the session timeline. 


To determine the speed in which you'd like to view the session, select from the various speed controls by clicking on the default speed at the bottom right of the session replay window.


Lastly, Page Insights within Session Replay helps you figure out what elements users are clicking the most, how far down the page users are scrolling, and quickly inspect elements to use in search.

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