Why aren't my newest sessions available in search?

In an effort to serve your sessions faster and to bring the most value to our Go Live feature, sessions will be available instantly for viewing. The newest sessions will show up at the top of the user list. 

These most recent and live sessions are not necessarily fully indexed for search. Indexing is triggered by user-directed page transitions. As a result, for long-running single pages –or single-page apps in particular–you may observe a 5-30 minute delay before new sessions are indexed and returned in your search results.

Similarly, if you run a search using "Exclude people who performed these events," your search may occasionally contain false positives because the matching events in your most recent sessions have not yet been indexed. Once a session has been fully indexed and we know to exclude it from your search, it will drop out of the results. You can use the time scope to remove the most recent sessions and avoid seeing these non-indexed sessions in your search results.

For sessions captured via Fullstory for Mobile Apps, these typically take 5-10 minutes to appear in your account.

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