How do I install FullStory on my online store?

The first step toward recording your customer interactions and making them available for pixel-perfect playback is deploying your FullStory JavaScript snippet on your website or online store.

Installing FullStory with your eCommerce platform

Using a platform to host your online store? Follow the links below to find step-by-step instructions for some common platforms:

Installing FullStory directly into your site's code

Using a platform not listed above or a custom-coded eCommerce shop? Paste the snippet into the <head> element in your site's code or within your Content Management System (CMS).

First, find your recording snippet in your FullStory account under Settings > Recording and Privacy > FullStory Setup


Then, copy the code—<script> tags and all!— and paste that code on your website somewhere after the starting <head> tag and before the closing </head> tag. 

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