How to regain access to your account

Before we jump into how to gain access to your account, a quick word about account security. FullStory support is unable to grant access to your account or change the ways in which someone may access your account. Being strict about this policy helps to keep your account protected from social engineering attacks, whereby a malicious individual tries to gain access to your account by convincing a FullStory employee to let them in. Nobody wants that, so we will always stick to the in-app mechanisms for re-gaining access to your account.

Can’t get into your FullStory account? Don’t worry; we’ve been there too. We’ll detail the steps you can take order to regain access to your FullStory account.

Forgot your password

If you forgot your password to your FullStory account, head over to the FullStory login page and click the “Forgot password?” link at the bottom.


You’ll be prompted to enter your email address. Click the “>” button to send the password reset email. Check your email inbox for an email from FullStory with a password reset link, and click the link to reset your password. 

Not getting the password reset email?

If you’re not seeing the password reset email in your inbox, first check your Junk or SPAM folders. If you don’t have any luck with that, contact us and let us know the email you used to reset your account. We can check the email logs to see if there may have been a problem with delivery.


Your company changed its email domain

If your company changed its email domain, the FullStory administrators on your account will still be able to log into FullStory using the email address from the original domain (is Google Auth required? See the next section below). There’s not a way to change a user’s email address, so we’ll walk through how to invite teammates with the new email address and (optionally) delete the original users.

  1. Log in using your original email address from the old domain and password. NOTE: If you forget the password and the old email address is inactive, you may need to work with an email administrator to temporarily re-enable the old email address so you can reset the password for the account using the steps above.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to Settings > Team Settings

  3. Click "Invite teammate" to invite each desired team member with the new domain. NOTE: By default, accounts are limited to 20 users. You may need to remove some users (the next step) before you add the new email addresses.

  4. To delete the original users from the old domain, click on the blue box next to each email address and from the dropdown options, click "Delete user".


Changing your email domain when "Require Google Sign-In for All Teammates" is enabled

If your FullStory account has “Require Google Sign-In for all teammates” enabled, this means that users will be unable to log in by directly entering an email address and password. They must use Google Authentication to log in. If you’re changing email domains for your G Suite account, you must first login using the account associated with your original email domain and then invite users using the email address associated with the new domain.

NOTE: FullStory support cannot disable “Require Google Sign-In for all teammates” for your account.

  1. Before getting started, make sure you can still log in using the Google account for the original domain. You may need to work with your G Suite administrator to make sure you can log into the original Google account.

  2. Log into FullStory using your previous G Suite domain address. NOTE: This only applies to FullStory account administrators.

  3. Once logged in, navigate to Settings > Team Settings and click "Invite teammate" to invite your new email domain and set your permissions to “Admin”

  4. Check your inbox for an invitation email

  5. Click the link in the email to setup your new login 

  6. Once logged in with your new domain, navigate back to Settings > Team Settings 

  7. Add all desired users by clicking "Invite teammate" to invite your other teammates. NOTE: By default, accounts are limited to 20 users. You may need to remove some users (the next step) before you add the new email addresses.

  8. Delete all users with old G Suite Domain

The current account administrators are no longer at the company

You may find yourself in a situation where the only administrators on your FullStory account have left the company and nobody has access to administer the account. If this happens, we recommend working with an email administrator at your company to see if it may be possible to temporarily re-enable the email account of one of the FullStory administrators, and then use the Forgot Password steps above to recover the FullStory account.


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