Why is data capture blocked on my site?

When Fullstory is deployed on your site, it's possible that your script is deployed successfully, but that data capture is being blocked by Fullstory's servers. When this happens, you'll get a numeric reason_code as to why it was blocked.

To test this, load the page in question with Chrome's Network developer tools open. If you search for fullstory, you should see a request to page. If data capture is successful, you'll get an HTTP status code of 200 in return. If data capture is blocked, you'll get a 202 status code in return. Click on the name of the request and then choose the Response tab to see the reason_code.


Here are the reasons the script may be blocked:

reason_code Reason Additional details
-1 Unspecified  
1 Account does not exist Install the script again to make sure you have the correct org.
2 Account disabled

The account has been disabled. Contact us to learn more.

Note: You might see this reason code if you are attempting to deploy Fullstory on a mobile app and have not yet upgraded to a plan that includes Fullstory for Mobile Apps (available as an add-on for all paid plans). 

3 Over quota You've exceeded your session quota. See What happens if I hit my quota before the end of the billing cycle?
4 Domain Filter You've blocked this particular domain. See this article for more information: https://help.fullstory.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020827533 
5 IP Filter You've blocked this particular IP address. See Can I block unwanted sessions by IP address or User-Agent or bot?
6 User Agent You've blocked this particular User Agent. See Can I block unwanted sessions by IP address or User-Agent or bot?
7 Geography You've blocked this particular geolocation. See this article for more information: https://help.fullstory.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020827433 
8 Traffic Ramping If you have a large quota, we gradually ramp up your traffic level as you get started. Contact us is you believe this is affecting you.
9 Invalid URL  
10 Opt Out Cookie The user has globally opted out from having their data captured.
11 Invalid Data Capture Script The data capture script on your site is outdated. Re-install the data capture script from your account settings page.
12  User actively being deleted You've deleted this user from Fullstory, and Fullstory will block data capture while the user is being deleted. See How do I delete a user?


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