Product & Service Notifications

We send  system-generated Account Management notifications to inform Admins and Umbrella Managers of important issues related to their FullStory account.

Example system-generated notifications include: 

  • Session limit warnings
  • No seats remaining
  • Credit card charge failure

Occasionally, we may also need to contact customers regarding topics that are not covered by our system-generated Account Notifications.We allow account Admins to designate any FullStory user as the recipient of these ad hoc notifications.

How To Update Notification Preferences

  1. Click your organization’s name, then the “Settings” link. Select the Notifications tab (under Account Management).
  2. Click the dropdown to the right of each notification option, search for the FullStory user you would like to add, and then check the box to the left of that user. Note: You can add more than one user for each Product & Service Notification option. 


Notification Descriptions

Notification Option Description

New Features

Primary contact(s) for product and feature updates.

Critical Incidents

Primary contact(s) for service interruptions, data processing questions, or security concerns.

Product Updates Requiring User Action

Primary contact(s) for technical updates that require user action.


Default Users

FullStory Product & Service Notification options are pre-populated with the Creator of the account (either an Admin, or in the case of an Umbrella account, the Umbrella Manager). Any Admin (or Umbrella Manager) can modify these options.

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