Product & Service Notifications

Every once in a while, we may need to contact you regarding specific topics and we want to make sure that we’re connecting with the correct FullStory user from your organization. Any Admin user from your FullStory account can update these notification selections, and it is important to keep these fields up to date. 


How To Update Notification Preferences

  1. From the sidebar, click your organization's name and go to Settings > Account Management > Notifications.
  2. Click the dropdown to the right of each notification option, search for the FullStory user you would like to add, and then check the box to the left of that user. Note: You can add more than one user for each Product & Service Notification option. 



Notification Descriptions

Notification Option Description

Renewal and Billing Notices

Primary contact(s) for billing, plan updates, and contract renewals.

New Features

Primary contact(s) for product and feature updates.

Critical Incidents

Primary contact(s) for service interruptions, data processing questions, or security concerns.

Product Updates Requiring User Action

Primary contact(s) for technical updates that require user action.


Default Users

Your FullStory Product & Service Notification options will be pre-populated with users from your account. How these users are populated depends partially on whether or not you use our Umbrella feature to manage multiple FullStory accounts.  

Non-Umbrella FullStory Accounts

  • If your FullStory account is not managed using our Umbrella feature, the Product & Service Notification options are pre-populated with the first Admin user that was added to your account. 
  • Any Admin user for your account may update these preferences as needed. 

Umbrella Accounts

  • If your FullStory account is managed using our Umbrella feature, the Product & Service Notification options are pre-populated with the first Umbrella Manager created for the Umbrella configuration. 
  • Each account under the umbrella will be pre-populated with either the oldest Umbrella Manager, or whoever has been specified explicitly by an Umbrella Manager. 
  • However, the Product & Service Notification options for individual accounts under the umbrella can be updated to any user in that specific account by an Admin user for that account. 


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