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Note: Session Overages is an early access beta release. If you'd like more info on joining the beta program, feel free to reach out to our Support team here. Session Overages for customers using Umbrella Account Management will be coming soon.

This article describes the Session Overages capability, a feature that provides FullStory customers with a convenient, temporary option to continue capturing FullStory sessions and product analytics data in the event that their session volumes ever surpass their contractual quota. 

Session Management

Your FullStory plan includes a set number of sessions that you're able to capture within a given cycle. This is referred to as your account’s session quota. You can view details of your account’s quota as well as actual and projected session consumption by navigating to the Settings > Account Management > Sessions page in your account. 

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What happens if my account hits its session quota?

Once you've reached your session quota, data capture within your account will be paused until the start of your next quota cycle. A message will be displayed to all members of the account ahead of time under Settings > Account Management > Sessions so that your team is aware of the upcoming quota limit and can take action to avoid gaps in your FullStory data. We'll also send an email notification to all account Admins prior to surpassing your quota. Admins can customize these notifications to send an alert when the account’s session consumption reaches a set threshold.

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How can I avoid losing sessions?

The data you capture in FullStory is most valuable when it is complete, and we want to ensure that all of your sessions and associated product analytics data stay that way.

You can reach out to your Account Executive or contact our Support team here to discuss adjustments to your session quota, such as adding more sessions or switching from a monthly to an annual quota cycle.

How do Session Overages work?

Session Overages provide a convenient, temporary option for accounts whose session volumes may rise unexpectedly due to seasonality, promotions or other external factors. These also help in the case that account owners don’t have sufficient time to adjust their contractual session quota before running out of sessions.

Session Overages is an opt-in feature that is disabled by default for all accounts. To enable, Admins can click “Allow overages” from the quota alert message or toggle on the feature from Settings > Account Management > Sessions.

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Your account must have a valid credit card on file in order to use the feature, as session overage charges will be applied to this card. Overage charges are applied in increments of 1 session block (100K sessions) at a time, and are tracked separately from your account’s contractual session quota. At the end of the quota cycle, your account will be charged for each block consumed at the overage rate of $595 per block of 100K sessions. The invoice for any overages your account consumes will be sent to the specified billing contact via Stripe.

For example:

  • If you have opted in to allow overages, but your account uses 0 sessions above your quota, you will not be charged for overage sessions for the quota cycle. 
  • If your account uses 80K sessions above your quota, you will be charged $595 for 1 block at the end of the quota period.
  • If your account uses 120K sessions above your quota cycle, you will be charged $1,190 for 2 blocks at the end of the quota period.

To avoid unexpected overage charges, you can adjust the maximum number of overage blocks allowed by your account. 

What happens when my account is using Session Overages?

Your organization’s Session Usage, as displayed via Settings > Account Management > Sessions, will be updated to show the number of overage blocks that your account has used and the number of blocks remaining based on the block limit you have set for the account.

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You can opt out of using session overages or adjust your account’s overage block limit at any time during the quota cycle. Note that de-activating Session Overages does not remove any overage sessions you have already consumed, and you will not be able to adjust the overage block limit to be less than the number of overage blocks your account has already used. Your credit card on file will be charged for any session overage blocks that the account has already consumed during the quota cycle.

All configuration preferences, including the opt-in preferences, maximum session block limits and quota notification thresholds will persist until you or another admin on the account makes adjustments. You do not need to opt-in to use overages at the start of every quota cycle.


Do I have to opt-in every time my session quota cycle resets?

No. You do not need to opt-in to use overages at the start of every quota cycle. Once you opt-in to Session Overages, you will remain opted in until you or another admin on the account make adjustments. Once opted in, if your account exceeds its session quota in the future, you will be charged for Overages at the current session overages rate.

All configurations under Settings > Account Management > Sessions will persist until you or another admin on the account change them. These configurations include opting in or out of:

  • Session Overages
  • Maximum session block limits
  • Quota notification thresholds

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