Difference between Visited URL as the top-level search versus Visited URL as a dependent event filter

In Fullstory, there is a nuance to the results you'll see when searching for sessions based on the top-level Visited URL event filter versus the dependent Visited URL event filter. We'll highlight the key differences below.

Visited URL as a Dependent Event Filter

When used as a dependent event filter, this search will be looking for the top-level event you're filtering by, but only when that top-level event was indexed on that specific URL. This is a great option when you have specific actions that a user can complete on multiple pages of your website so that you can narrow in on the exact page you'd like to analyze in Fullstory.

For example, you could segment for sessions where users clicked on the 'Add to cart' button, but only for users that clicked that button on your /market page. 


When combining the Visited URL dependent event filter with the Any Activity top-level event filter, this will allow you to run a much broader search that queries for any indexed event on that particular page. 

Take the following search as an example:


This search is going to return results for Any Activity (or Event) that happens when Console errors are greater than 0 and the Visited URL Path is /checkout. Meaning, any indexed event where these two things are true will qualify for this search.

Visited URL as a Top-Level Event Filter

When using the top-level Visited URL event filter, this type of search is looking for a page navigation event that matches the URL you're querying for. 

Playing off of the "Any Activity" example provided in the section above, let's look at a similar search that uses the top-level Visited URL event filter instead.


In the above example, Fullstory would only return sessions in which a page navigation event was indexed on the /checkout page when the console errors is greater than 0. As a result, this would be a much more restrictive search than our earlier "Any Activity" example.

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