Searching for Console Errors

Console Errors are searchable as an event filter in Fullstory. They also appear in the event list when viewing session playback. This allows you to search for specific messages or filter to find top error messages by text. This is especially helpful for engineers when there is a need to quickly identify and address any existing errors messages in your application.

In order to search for console errors, Console Data Capture must be enabled. This event filter surfaces error messages that include both explicit errors triggered by a click or tap (also known as an error click) and implicit errors that can be caused without a user triggered action (such as page load). This allows you to find example sessions and quantify how many users are impacted by the same error (as seen in Dev Tools) so that you can determine the urgency you'll need to have for implementing a solution.

You can proactively identify your top console errors with Segments, Dimensionality Cards and Trend Cards. Below are some examples of this in action.


Under Event Filters, click the Any Activity drop down menu and select Console Error. From here you can look for any error or various other options to refine your search.


Dimensionality Cards

Create a dimensionality card with the “Console error” event and “any” operator. Then group by “Text” to see the top console error messages.


Trend Cards

Create a trend card with the “Console error” event and “any” operator. Then group by “Page” to see a visualization of top pages where console errors are occurring.



How Console Error events are generated across platforms

Below is a list of common Console Error events seen in various platforms:


Can I search on all console log messages?
Search is specific to only console errors.

Can I search for console errors of any length?
The maximum amount of text you can use to search errors is 1024 characters. Results will not be found for searches with text above this threshold. For error messages longer than this, we recommend the use of the “contains” or “starts with” operator to search on specific text within the first 1024 characters.

Will every console error be indexed?
There is a limit of 15 console error events per page. Identical errors within a 30 second window will be combined into 1 event (that starts at the time of the first event). This is true for page changes within the same time window. 

Can console error data capture be turned off?
All console log captures including console errors are tied to the console data capture option in settings. To disable, go to Settings > Data Capture and Privacy > Data Capture > Data Capture Options and toggle the Console Data Capture option off. This will disable all console logs and exceptions.

  • Note:
    • If the Console Data Capture option is turned off, console errors can still be captured on the web by using fs.log(‘error’, …). 
    • For mobile, this setting is located at Settings > Data Capture and Privacy > Mobile Data Capture > Console Data Capture, and it will disable all log recording (including fs.log).

Is there an ignore rule that can be applied to reduce potential noisy errors?
Console data capture does not include an ignore rule.

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