Can Fullstory measure how long someone is on a Page?

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Yes! Time on Page measures the time a user spends on each pageview. This allows you to create search criteria around the total time users spend on a page or build metrics that analyze the average, median, min or max time users spend on a page. Additionally, you can measure a user's active or inactive time on a page. 

The example below shows how to search for users who spent longer than 10 seconds on the Home page.

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 4.24.46 PM.png


What is the difference between Time on Page Active and Time on Page inactive? 

Check out What makes a user active vs inactive to differentiate between the two properties. 

Is there a way to distinguish between active and inactive time spent on a page?

Yes - you can measure the total time, total active time, and total inactive time on a page. 


Using a Metric, can I calculate the average, median, minimum, or maximum time users spend on a page?

Yes - you can easily create a Visited Page event metric to measure things like the median time spent on a specific page.


Can I calculate a metric for the average time on a page for all visits to a specific URL?

No - Time on Page metrics only work along with Visited Page events, not Visited URL events. However, you can use the Time on Page property as an event modifier for a Visited URL. For example, you could search for all sessions where a user visited a specific URL, when their time on the URL was greater than 30 seconds.

Image 7-25-2022 at 3.53 PM (1).jpg

For further context on a Page vs URL, check out our Pages in Fullstory article.

Can I easily see the median time on page for all of my pages?

Yes - create a metric measuring the median time on page for visits to any page and then group by page.

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 4.38.46 PM.png


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