How to interpret user-agent strings in Fullstory


The user-agent string is part of the HTTP request header that lets servers identify the operating system, browser, and browser version of the user making the network request.

What data does Fullstory extract via user-agent strings?

Fullstory pulls information from user-agent strings for the following specific events:

  • Browser
  • Browser version
  • Device type
  • Operating system

How does Fullstory present user-agent strings?

Fullstory offers these as dependent filters to view your sessions by.


What should I expect from this data? 

All of the data that Fullstory extracts from user-agent strings is dependent upon the information provided by the browser. There may be cases where bots or niche browsers spoof or use misleading user-agent strings which would lead to inaccurate reporting of user-agent string data. Otherwise, all user-agent string data will accurately reflect the Browser, Browser version, Device type or Operating system of the end user.

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