Hide Online Sessions from Search Results

Online sessions are sessions that are currently active, and Fullstory gives you the power to hide these sessions from your search results if needed. You may wish to include online sessions in order to watch a user’s activity unfold in near real-time. Alternatively, you may wish to hide online sessions to focus your attention on sessions where the user’s activity is already complete. 

Searching for online sessions

When searching in Fullstory, click on the session criteria dropdown. Select include online sessions to include currently active sessions in your results. Deselect to hide them. 

Note: You can adjust this setting when creating segments, funnels, and Journeys. Online sessions are never included for Page Flow Cards and Conversions analyses. 

include online sessions.png

Viewing online sessions in a session playlist

You can also toggle online sessions on or off from any session playlist. Click the Online button to quickly filter your results. Online sessions are marked with a green play icon, and complete sessions are marked with a blue play icon. 

Screen Recording 2022-06-30 at 12.53.49 PM.gif

Online sessions and time-bound searches

When you search for activities that occurred in a certain time frame and hide online sessions from your results, Fullstory will hide any sessions that began before your selected time frame. 

Please see the diagram below as an example. If you search for any activity that occurred yesterday and hide online sessions, only Session B will be included in your results. Activities in Session A are hidden from results because the session began before your selected time frame of yesterday. Activities in Session C are hidden because they are online.

Time-bound searches.png


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