Can I search for URLs using wildcards?

Who can use this feature?
- Available with Enterprise, Advanced, Business, and Free plans.
- Available for admins, architects, explorers, and standard users.

Yes! Use the “matches” URL operator to search against dynamic URL paths using a special syntax. Start your search using the event filter “Visited URL” and the operator “matches.”


Then use the syntax below to structure the URL path for your search.

  • Use * (wildcard) to match any single token at a position.
  • Use ** to match all paths that start with a common prefix.
  • Use [] to match groups of tokens at particular positions.

Note: A token is each portion of a pattern or URL.  So in the case of a pattern like, the tokens would be examplecomfoo, and bar.

Here are a few sample URL paths:

  • /product/*/reviews/*
  • /search/category/**
  • /category/[shoes, socks]

Your finished search will look something like this.


When using the event filter "Visited URL" and operator "matches", you have to represent every token in the path in your search. For example if the full URL path is: 


and you're interested in searching for all sessions that include a visit to a product detail page from a sales category, you will need to structure your search as:

/*/*/sale/*/details or some other combination that includes each path token. 

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