How do I search for URLs?

URLs consist of multiple distinct parts. Understanding the components of URLs will make searching with OmniSearch easier. 

URL searches can help you to build specific funnels to help answer important questions like:

  • Who has clicked Purchase while on the /cart page?
  • Show me users who visited the /settings page in the last hour.
  • Show me Error Clicks on the /checkout page.
  • Show me Rage Clicks on the /onboarding page.

OmniSearch gives the option to search for very specific things by allowing you to search for each of the pieces or the whole thing. FullStory will index each component of the URL (the host, all paths, and any queries), and then you can search for individual paths or query params. For example, if your URL has the path path/to/site, FullStory will index following paths:

  • /path/to/site
  • /to/site
  • /site

You can do a "Starts with" path search for each of the tokens above and it will match.

So, let’s say you’d like to create a search for the following URL:

In OmniSearch, you have the option to search for the specific URL using “Visited URL is", or you could search for one or more of the URL components:

  • Visited URL (host) is
  • Visited URL (path) starts with /path/resource
  • Visited URL (query) is ?id=123
  • Visited URL (fragment) is #section-id


Referrer URL

If  you’d like to search for the component of the URL that a customer came from, you can search by the Referrer URL. OmniSearch Referer URL searches help you to answer marketing specific questions, like:

  • How long did customers from our Facebook ad spend on the landing page?
  • Which UTM (advertisement) is driving the most traffic?
  • How many trials did we get from the Product Hunt launch?

So, imagine this customer question: I am trying to look for people that visited where CODE is different for everyone.


You could use a combination “Visited URL starts with” and “URL Path starts with” search:


Or, you could use the following: “Visited URL (path)” “starts with” search. They return the same result:


Any combination of more than one Event criteria will result in a Funnel Searchie; all you have to do is just add multiple events via OmniSearch.

Here’s an example Funnel search for users that have signed-up with FullStory:


If you have any questions about creating a URL search, feel free to contact us.

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