How does FullStory handle multi-tab browsing sessions?

When a single user has multiple tabs open, the pages within each tab generally show up in the same session. During playback, the pages are overlapping in time so they are spread out and ordered by the time they loaded. We'll play the first tab all the way through then jump back in time and play the next tab all the way through, etc.

You can tell when this happens by switching the session timer to absolute time (click on it) — you’ll see time jump backwards at the beginning of each overlapping page. New tabs and new page loads are indicated with a blue page icon in the playback timeline.

In this example, when you see the time change from ~3:59 PM back to ~3:54 PM, this indicates the end of the interactions in one tab and the beginning of the user interacting in a second tab.


FullStory captures any browser tab where your site is open and our script is installed. This means you won't see a user's activity on other sites or in other apps. 

When a user has backgrounded your website, it appears as a dashed line. Once your user opens the tab in the foreground, the timeline becomes solid blue again.

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