Can Fullstory show me where customers are experiencing errors?

Note: If Console Data Capture is disabled in your account, Fullstory will not capture errors.

Fullstory provides a few different out-of-the-box solutions for locating where customers are experiencing errors on your site or app. The most common place you’ll see these errors is within session replay.

When watching a session, you may come across an error event in the event stream on the right side of your screen. If you choose to investigate further, Fullstory meets you right where you are without interrupting your workflow.

From the event stream, click the upward-pointing blue arrow that appears next to the error event you are investigating. A pop-up modal appears with three pre-made metrics that help you immediately discover how often this error has occurred and how many users were effected, all while you’re still in session replay.

Investigating Error Events

To recap the above, review the below steps on how to view, explore and save these out-of-the-box error event metrics.

  1. While viewing a session, locate the error event in the event stream.
  2. Explore the event by clicking the blue arrow.
    CleanShot 2023-05-08 at 10.07.31.png
  3. Explore the pre-made metrics that appear in the pop-up window.
    zoom out error events.png
  4. For further and optional analysis, click into any of the pre-made metrics. A new tab will open taking you to the metric definition so you can immediately begin scoping the event further.
  5. Save and rename any of the metrics as you see fit.

See the below list of all error events that include pre-made metrics:

  • Console errors
  • Console errors on page
  • Network error
  • Dead clicked
  • Error clicked
  • Rage clicked
  • Uncaught Exception

Error Clicks Card

Another way Fullstory helps you find out where your customers are experiencing errors is with the Error Clicks Card. With this card, you'll see the button text or CSS selectors where the most javascript errors are being triggered. 

The top Error Clicks Card will appear under your search results and will correspond to your current search query.  

This card will display the button text or CSS selector of click events that triggered a javascript console error along with the number of error clicks that have been indexed on that specific text or selector. If a user in your search has error clicked on the element more than once, each of those clicks will be shown in the results. 

Click on the bars in the graph to add an error clicks filter to your current search.

Error Clicks Card 1.png

You can also see the number of users impacted by clicking on "by clicks" and changing it to "users." 

Error Clicks Card 2.png

By changing the sort method to "by users," you can see how many users were impacted by an error click on a specific element:

Error Clicks Card 3.png

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