How to add date and time constraints in Fullstory

In Fullstory, you can always add date and time constraints to narrow the scope of your results. These date and time constraints are defined by your device's local time at the time of events.

Throughout the UI, you'll see an available drop down for date range. Choose a preset time range or choose "Custom" to include specific dates. You can also add time constraints to the Custom date fields using the format MM/DD/YYYY h:mm A. 



You can also modify your date range by using our "Since" filter. This will take a date from a point in time in the past and surface any sessions from then until present day. 



Note: Date and time results will also be dependent on your session replay and Product analytics retention periods for your plan. If you add a date and time constraint that is outside of your retention period, you won't see any results for those dates. 


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