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Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud are built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, enabling you to automate service processes and streamline workflows.

Installing the FullStory app from AppExchange will allow you to use the FullStory widget in Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud. The integration is available for both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning, and can be used on any of the following pages: Contacts, Leads, or Cases.

Why FullStory and Salesforce?

Session replay for Service Cloud

Never ask for a screenshot again. Support agents using Service Cloud now have instant, one-click access to the customer's full session replay history, directly from the Case page or Contact. With a crystal clear view into how the customer is using the product and where they discovered they needed help, you can close tickets in fewer touches while lessening the support burden on the customer.

Session replay for Sales Cloud

Understand exactly how your product is (and is not) being used. Sales representatives can access session replays from an opportunity's Contact or Lead page. DVR-like playback shows your reps which features a prospect has interacted with, how engaged they are with the product, and what kinds of questions they might have.

First, Install the FullStory App in Salesforce

NOTE: Only Salesforce administrators and users with the “Download AppExchange packages” permission can install AppExchange apps.

  1. Find the FullStory listing in the Salesforce AppExchange 
  2. Click on Get It Now and follow the Salesforce installation steps
  3. Once the SF administrator has completed the installation steps to configure the proper profiles and security for your SF account, they can move on to the following steps. 

Next, Set up the FullStory Integration

Steps to configure the FullStory integration will vary, depending on whether you are using Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience. 

Salesforce Classic Setup

Salesforce Lightning Setup


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