Where can I find my invoice?

For customers paying via invoice

Please reach out to our Accounts Receivable team at ar@fullstory.com. We're happy to help provide any information you may need. 

For customers paying via credit card

Admin users can find past and upcoming invoices in Fullstory under Settings > Account Management > Subscription

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In the Subscription tab, you can add any specific information you need shown on the invoice, such as your full billing address, VAT#, or a custom PO#. Click the Update Details button to add invoice information.

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Below your plan details, you will see the Invoices section. Use the View Invoice link to print or create a .pdf copy of the invoice for your records.

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As a note, if you have Umbrella Management enabled, invoice details and links to historical invoices can be found in Settings > Umbrella > Manage. If you do not have Umbrella Management enabled, you will continue to see the invoice details and links to historical invoices on the Subscriptions tab.


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