What user roles are available for FullStory teammates?

For all plans, when inviting a teammate to FullStory, you have the option of two user types:


Admin: Administrators can view and modify all settings in FullStory. Admins have access to the Data Export feature (if enabled for the account).

Standard: Standard users can view all settings, but will not be able to modify them. They do not have access to Data Export.

The main difference between these levels is the ability to modify anything under the Settings menu, including billing information, integrations, inviting new teammates, and excluding certain types of recordings.

Both Admin and Standard users can use search, view all sessions, save segments, create notes, and use the Export User CSV feature.

For Enterprise plans, you may also create an Architect user seat:

Admin > Architect > Standard > Guest.

The most sensitive and important settings can remain locked down to a small number of Admin users, but Enterprise Admins can delegate the data definition and maintenance work to Architect seats. Architects can also manage Data Export.

Now the domain architects can set up the FullStory instance for success without sending every small request on to the Admin user, while the Admin user knows the most important settings are still locked down.

Architect: Architect users have access to all the features that a standard user has, but also has Admin-like edit access for:

  • Data Export
  • Watched Elements
  • Hide/Show Custom Events and Variables in search
  • View API errors
  • Manage Integrations
  • API Key
  • Webhooks

Notably, the Architect cannot invite new teammates or make changes to recording and privacy settings.

There is another type of user called 'Guest' which does not need to be manually invited. 

For these users, you need to enable Guest users in your account. Once you have enabled guest users, you can share session links with any email domain on your allowlist and guests can view those single sessions. Guest users also do not count towards your seat quota.

Guests: Guest users can only view sessions that are shared via share link. Within a specific shared session view they can see user details, share and see session notes, and view Page Insights. They do not have access to the main FullStory UI, search, segments, or any settings. 

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