FullStory Free Edition

Why FullStory Free?

We believe everyone benefits from a more perfect online experience. That’s why we developed FullStory, a digital experience platform that makes it as easy to understand how visitors interact with your site as it is for brick-and-mortar retail store owners to see how customers explore their shops.

To truly make the Internet a more beautiful, useful place for everyone, we want to strip away the main barrier for those who may need FullStory most: the price. FullStory Free Edition empowers those small-but-mighty teams—from SaaS startups to Sole Proprietors—to make customer experience research an integral part of their design and customer experience strategies.

Note: If you need more than the 1,000 sessions in the FullStory Free Edition, please use the Contact Us button below to reach out and let us know your needs. 

What is included with FullStory Free?

FullStory Free Edition comes with 1,000 sessions per month, 3 user seats, 1 month of Session replay retention, and 1 month of Product analytics retention.

You'll also get access to these FullStory features:

What happens when I switch from a paid plan to FullStory Free?

Since the Free plan does not include the same number of seats, sessions and retention periods as a paid plan, changing from a paid plan to Free will result in:

  1. Loss of Seats: The Free plan includes 3 free seats. If you have more than 3 logins active, you'll have to remove users before changing to Free.
  2. Lower Session Quota: The Free plan includes 1,000 sessions. If you were paying for more sessions, you'll have a lower session quota when changing to Free. 
  3. Loss of Session Replay Retention: The Free plan only includes 1 month of Session replay retention. If you were paying for more Session replay retention, you'll lose access to those sessions over a month old.
  4. Lower Server Event Quota: The Free plan includes 5,000 Server Side Events, whereas paid-plans offer a higher server event quota. 

Need to get in touch with us?

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