Fullstory Free Plan

Why Fullstory Free?

Fullstory Free empowers small-but-mighty teams, from SaaS startups to sole proprietors, to make customer experience research an integral part of their design and digital experience strategies.

What is included with Fullstory Free?

The features and capabilities below apply to all new Fullstory Free accounts created after September 27, 2023.

Plan Essentials

  • 10,000 sessions per month
  • 10 user seats
  • 5,000 server-side events per month
  • 1 month of session replay retention
  • 1 year of product analytics retention

Foundational Quantitative Features

Foundational Qualitative Features

Access to the Fullstory Community

As a Fullstory Free user, you have access to the Fullstory Community. The Community is a dedicated place for you to ask questions, share ideas, and exchange best practices with other Fullstory users. You’ll also find skill-building workshops, on-demand training, and other resources designed for your success.  


What happens if I switch from my current plan to Fullstory Free?

Your plan adjusts to include 10,000 sessions per month, 10 user seats, 5,000 server-side events per month, 1 month of session replay retention, 1 year of product analytics retention, and the foundational quantitative and qualitative features listed above. 

Fullstory Free does not include advanced capabilities available with Fullstory Business, such as Dashboards, Configurable form privacy, Go-Live, Webhooks, and client-side ragehooks

Additionally, Form Privacy is a required privacy setting on the free plan. 

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