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Workato makes it simple to build and automate complex business workflows across your entire organization. By connecting Workato and Fullstory, you can integrate your digital experience data into many of the platforms you use every day. This unlocks powerful automation capabilities that help your teams succeed. Here are a few examples of how Fullstory and Workato can work together:

  • When an engineer creates a note from a session that contains the text #bug, add a record to your bug tracker in Airtable 
  • When a support case is logged in Salesforce, return a list of the user’s Fullstory sessions for visibility
  • When a customer submits a perfect NPS score, create a task to alert your customer marketing team in Asana

About the Integration

Workato uses “recipes” to define how triggers from one system cause actions in another. Fullstory can act as either the triggering system or the destination of the action.

There are four available triggers:

  • Note Created
  • Events set via the Fullstory JavaScript API
  • Segment Threshold Alert (with a Fullstory Advanced or Enterprise plan)
  • Fullstory for Mobile Apps Crash (with a Fullstory for Mobile Apps add-on)

There are three available actions:

  • List Sessions for a User
  • Get User Info
  • Custom Action

Installing the Fullstory Connector in Workato

To begin, add the Fullstory app to your Workato account. 


  1. In Workato, go to "Community library."
  2. Select "Custom Connectors," search for Fullstory, and click on the Fullstory app.
  3. Click “Install connector,” then "Accept and install" to add the Fullstory app to your Workato account.

Creating Your First Recipe

Create recipes in Workato to integrate systems with Fullstory. 


  1. In Workato, click “Create a new recipe.”
  2. Give your recipe a Name and add it to a Folder.
  3. Choose “Trigger from an app” as your starting point, then click “Start building.”

The first time you create a recipe using the Fullstory app, you’ll need to authenticate the connection using your Fullstory API Key.

  1. Search for Fullstory from your list of available apps, then click on the app icon. 
  2. Enter a connection name and Fullstory API Key.
  3. Click “Connect.” 


Now, you’re ready to start building! There are endless opportunities for automation. We'll walk through a sample below, but please review Workato’s documentation to fully understand all of the ways you might use triggers, steps, and actions to integrate Fullstory with other systems. 

A Sample Recipe: Integrating Fullstory and Airtable

Let's walk through one way you might integrate Fullstory and Airtable. In this example, we'll create a recipe that adds a record to a bug tracker in Airtable whenever an engineer creates a note from a session that contains the text #bug in Fullstory. 

First, let's identify our triggers and our actions. 

  • Our trigger is the inciting event - creating a note with the text #bug in Fullstory
  • Our action is the resulting event - adding a record to a bug tracker in Airtable

Now that we understand the key elements, we can build out the automation! Let's start by adding the trigger. 


  1. Click under "Trigger," and select the Fullstory app. 
  2. Click to confirm your Connection. This is particularly useful if you have connected Workato to multiple different Fullstory accounts. 
  3. Choose "Note Created" for the Event Name.
  4. Toggle on "Set trigger condition," and configure your conditions so the trigger fires when the session text contains "#bug."

Next, we'll add the action. 


  1. Click the plus icon under "Actions" and choose "Action in an app." 
  2. Select the Airtable app. If you haven't already authenticated this app, you may need to complete some additional setup. 
  3. Choose "Create record," then click to confirm your Connection. Again, this is particularly useful if you have connected Workato multiple different Airtable accounts. 
  4. Configure your Airtable record settings. In this case, our base is "Bug Tracker" and our Table is "Bugs and Issues." 

The finished product is a simple recipe with one trigger and one action! Be sure to save and test before you start your recipe. 



Does the Fullstory Workato integration support other types of events? 
No, the Workato integration works with Events that are set via the Fullstory JavaScript API. Events which are defined within the Fullstory application UI are not currently supported with the Workato integration.

Additional Options

The Fullstory Workato integration is intended to empower business users to set up powerful workflows with little technical configuration. In the event that you need greater flexibility, there are a few additional options that you may wish to explore:

  • Built-in Fullstory integrations: Keep in mind that Fullstory already includes many built-in integrations, such as those for Jira, Slack, Trello, and many others. Use Workato for integrations that don't offer built-in support or when you want to customize your workflow.

  • Fullstory Webhooks with the Workato Webhooks trigger: This is slightly more complex to set up, but opens the possibilities of being able to send multiple triggers to Workato from Fullstory under the same webhook. Fullstory Webhooks also supports triggers based on Fullstory for Mobile Apps crashes and segment alerts thresholds (for Fullstory accounts with those features enabled).

  • Fullstory Webhooks: You can connect Fullstory Webhooks to any solution within your control, not just Workato.

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